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Something that I never really gave much thought to was my old dish scrubber. While Shannon and I do mainly use a dishwasher, sometimes we wash up larger items like fry pans and pots, or if we are in a pinch and need a clean mug. The dish scrubber I was using previously was one of those ones that you add dishwashing liquid into the body and you have a reusable sponge top. I would try to make these last a while, but these plastic filled sponges are not good for the environment! I came across the Redecker Dishwashing Brush (RRP $6.95) which is the same basic concept of reusable heads. However, these ones are made from untreated beechwood with natural plant based bristles. This means when it eventually wears out, you can put it in your compost to reduce waste. I find that these plant bristles are gentle and don’t scratch my cookware, most of which is non-stick, but still is awesome at getting off the old food.

I am in the process of trying to be more mindful of take away items. I still have a ways to go, but one thing I have been doing is using reusable cutlery and straws. By forgoing plastic forks, spoons, plastic straws and the occasional chopsticks, I feel a little better about eating out and about. Normally if I am taking the items home or back to work, I will just use regular cutlery, but I also carry around a wooden spoon, wooden fork, a pair of chopsticks and a stainless steel straw just in case. I have seen ready made kits of these floating around, but I currently just wrap mine up in a scarf. I’m planning on sewing myself a little case so they stay neat and tidy. The ones I love most are the Coconut Palm Spoon (RRP $7.95), Wooden Sono Spoon (RRP $7.95), Wooden Sono Fork (RRP $7.95) and I’ve just been using some chopsticks I got from Japan.

I have accumulated three Coconut Bowls (RRP $12.95) in my collection now, one polished and two natural. I have been absolutely loving using them for meals and also for holding snacks too! Unfortunately as most of my meals are eaten at work (I work full time in an office) I don’t get to use them as often as I would like. But, that just makes it all the more special when I do get to use them! The brand Coconut Bowls takes coconut shells that would otherwise be discarded as landfill or burned, and repurpose them into handmade polished bowls.

What are some easy swaps you’ve been doing in your home?

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