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I can’t give away much without spoiling this movie, but if you love a good thinking movie, give this one a look! It’s one of those brilliant films that work best watched twice. Once for the shock and once for the understanding.

American Dad

I love cartoons for adults and American Dad is one of my favourites. My partner Shannon and I often watch these back to back in binge stints. With ten seasons to plow through and hundreds of hilarious scenarios, I can watch and re-watch these episodes with ease. Following a seemingly normal nuclear family which also houses a talking German goldfish Klaus and a wise cracking alien Roger to stir up some fun.

Summer Heights High

When Shannon told me he hadn’t watched Summer Heights High I immediately made him watch all episodes back to back. Chris Lily is a bloody comedic genius and you forget that you are watching him, and grow to love each character he portrays. Shannon loves the foul mouthed Jonah, a 13 yr old Tongan boy, and I can’t decide between Ja’mie, a 16 yr old Private School Girl made to try a term at a ‘povo’ public school, and Mr G, the effervescent and egotistical drama teacher (ahem that’s Director of Performing Arts). I love Australian comedy and this one is a firm favourite to watch again and again.

What was on your screen in February?

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