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I have been loving Essence Cosmetics for some time, but only since jetting to Europe did I really start looking at their collections more closely.


I’ve been finding some can’t-live-without products for my collection that ventured beyond the cheapish looking eyeshadow. Not only are they excellent quality, they also happen to be a steal!


The Essence All About Matt! Oil-Free Make-up Foundation in 10 Matt Beige (RRP $7.15) is a mattifying, oil-free foundation that doesn’t clog pores, and also happens to give the skin a clean, matte finish. There is a limited range of colours (at least in my Priceline) but if you are in the shade range it is worth checking out. As per usual with Essence products, it smells amazing.


A product I’ve been using for a while is the Essence I Love Stage Eyeshadow Primer (roughly $5 AUD). This one is comparable to the Urban Decay Primer Potion (RRP $30) at a fraction of the price! Unfortunately, I haven’t seen this one available in Australian stores, but you might find it at your local Priceline, or if you are overseas. The only issue that I could foresee with this primer is that it is yellow toned, and I can see it pulling orange on people with pale or pink toned skin. Worth mentioning. But holy cow, for $5 this primer doesn’t crease and keeps my shadow put all. day. long.


The Essence Stay Natural Concealer (RRP $4.10) has a convenient brush to apply to under eyes and to problem areas of the skin, and doesn’t crease under eyes or settle into fine lines. It also is enriched with Vitamin A, which thickens and stimulates the dermis – where your collagen, elastin and blood vessels are – so it reduces wrinkles and increases blood flow to the surface of the skin. Pretty amazing for $4. It’s also a little lighter than my skin tone to really highlight areas like under the brow bone and on the cheek bones.


A new addition to my collection (and the Essence line) is the Essence Liquid Lipstick in 06 Make A Statement (RRP $5.10). This one is so new it’s not even on the Priceline website yet, despite me purchasing it there. I do love a liquid lipstick at the best of times, and this one is pretty great coverage. Think similar to the Rimmel London Apocalips (RRP $15.95), but a prettier smell and only a third of the price! Not the longest lasting of lipsticks, but it’s comfortable to wear and if you don’t mind touching it up, it’s a great buy. It is a gorgeous warm red colour that will be perfect for upcoming fall.


Lastly, the Essence Long Lasting Lipstick in Cool Nude 05 (RRP $4.70) is a must have. It’s texture is light and creamy, and the colour is my favourite nude tone (on me anyway!). It tends to pull a little mauve on me, but I kind of like that in a nude lipstick. Anything else to beige tends to make me look a bit zombie-ish.

What are your must have Essence Products?

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  • Candice Petersen

    The eyeshadow base has got to be my favorite I use it every single day!

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

    • Kate Flint

      It works so well, especially for the price! I heard a rumour it was being discontinued, but hopefully it won’t be!

  • Tahana Lee

    I always bypass Essense! I must start paying closer attention! Even that foundation looks great!! <3


    • Kate Flint

      They have a lot of teen looking makeup, but the gems are there! I couldn’t believe I found this foundation for $7, it’s amazing!

  • Nicole

    I love Essence cosmetics but I haven’t really tried a lot of their products, I have all the lip liners as they are just a huge favourite of mine and a couple of lipsticks including the nude you mentioned 🙂 The matte foundation has intrigued me it looks and sounds great.

    Nicole xx |

    • Kate Flint

      I haven’t actually tried the lip liners, I will need to try some out!

  • Sarah | Bows & Pleats

    I’m really surprised about the foundation! I figured it would be super drying and thick! Great little roundup 🙂

    Sarah | Bows & Pleats

    • Kate Flint

      Not thick at all and actually not quite as matte as other foundations I’ve used. Definitely worth a look!

  • Mel – Loads of Lifestyle

    Not having a Priceline close can sometimes suck, but I never even notice the Essence stand when I do venture in.. ha Next time I will be definitely keep an eye out!!

    Mel x || Loads of Lifestyle

    • Kate Flint

      It depends on your Priceline, my old one didn’t have an Essence stand but the new one they opened does! I wish all Pricelines were created equally! D: *sob*

  • Tasha

    I loooove the mauve lipstick! I like that it has slight grey tones but it’s still quite wearable. Super comfortable too! The I love stage shadow base was one of my very first makeup products. I used to really like it but I think it went off as it stopped working as well haha 😛 I think they discontinued it but brought it back? The new version looks weirdly dark and orangey though :/

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

    • Kate Flint

      I’ve been wearing that lipstick to death, I love it! The primer does pull a little orange but once I blend it in and pop some shadow over the top it sorts itself out 🙂

  • Dianne Childs

    I have a few nude Essence lippies, but that liquid lippie does look amazing! I’ll be checking out more in their range after reading your reviews 🙂

    Di from Max The Unicorn

    • Kate Flint

      I am in love with their lipsticks, they have a great coral one too 🙂

  • Emily

    Essence cosmetics isn’t a brand I’ve ever heard of – but I love the long lasting lipstick in cool nude looks to me like the perfect nude!

    Musings & More

    • Kate Flint

      Definitely check them out online if you can! They’ve got some good stuff 🙂

  • Katina Lindaa

    Absolutely love their lipsticks!! I think my fave Essence products are their blushes though 🙂 x

    Katina |

    • Kate Flint

      I haven’t actually tried their blushes in ages! Had a pretty bad one years ago and got put off them. Which ones would you recommend trying? xx

      • Katina Lindaa

        I got a limited edition one called Autumn Peach probably over a year ago and probably ever since then, it’s been my go to blush (like 99.99% of the time), if it comes back, definitely get them! But honestly, they’re all good, you can’t go wrong 🙂 x

        • Kate Flint

          I really must have just gotten a bad apple. It was so chalky D: I will give them another look, thanks for the tip!

  • Bernadette

    The essence eye shadow primer and lipsticks are so good! I also love their lip liners and lash mania reloaded mascara.

    • Kate Flint

      I haven’t tried any of the mascaras, I will have to give them a look! It sounds like the lip liners are really popular too 🙂

  • Rita Macedo

    I absolutely love Essence products but I’ve never tried any of these! I have three lipsticks of their normal range, their powders are amazing, as well as the lip liners and the nail polishes!! 🙂

    • Kate Flint

      They are a great all rounder brand for sure! I think I will need to do an updated post with five more faves after I try all the recommendations in this comment thread, haha!