Things I Miss Most While Travelling – More Minted

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Missing my family is probably the one thing I miss most. While travelling today means I talk to my family one way or another; that’s the beauty of technology. But there is nothing quite like sitting down with your Mum and Dad, cuddling your nieces and nephews, or having a gossip with my sisters.

Friends of course is another thing I miss a lot. Having a cuppa with the girls, watching a horror, going out to dinner with old friends. Then there is the big events that you miss out on. Birthdays, babies, engagements, weddings. Being away from home is made a wee bit harder when you see all your friends at home together.

Being away from pets is especially hard, when all you want to do is play fetch with your dog or cuddle with your cat. My boy ratties are in good hands with an experience rat breeder, but with their short life spans, it’s hard knowing I probably won’t see them again. We already lost Klaus soon after we left.

Then there is the little things. Knowing exactly where to find things. My bed. My pillow. Australian foods like vegemite (though my good friend Kristal brought some over for me! What a gem!). Temperate climate. Solid wi-fi. Not having to be on a bus every other day. Triple J. Not wearing the same clothes every day. Access to a washing machine! Not having a language barrier all the time. Having my own space. Crochet. Horror movies. My makeup collection.

What do you miss most when you’re away from home?