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I can’t get into exactly what happened, as it doesn’t just affect me. We are trying to move forward and I appreciate all the well wishes and love that you’ve reached out with, it was very appreciated. I’m happy everyone is safe and really at this point that’s all I could have hoped for.

Instead of dwelling on the past, I wanted to talk a bit about plans for the rest of 2017 because this year has just flown by without me noticing! I am really excited about exploring more options of a zero waste lifestyle most of all. As I spoke about in my Confession Time blog post, I have very slowly been transitioning items I use to zero waste alternatives, as well as changing a few habits that I have been doing mindlessly for years. This is definitely something I want to speak about more openly and share with you guys, so prepare to see reviews on different eco/zero waste products, and also maybe a Zero Waste Swap Series – focusing on items I used to use everyday, and what I swapped them out for.

I’m also considering restarting my YouTube channel which is kind of exciting. I long ago made all my videos private – mainly because a lot of them don’t align with my current values, and also a little bit because they are so cringy haha. Thinking of doing a mix of different videos, ranging from DIY skincare, zero waste discussions, vegan “what I eat in a day” and a few other things. What would you most like to see if I started up YouTube again (if anything lol).


Something that I began last month that I really want to continue (even though last one was a big fail) was the small goal setting checklist. Firstly, here are last month’s results – though they are pretty dismal:

  • Sign up to 30 Days KX Pilates


I did not do this haha. Since then we have had to tighten our budget so I have instead incorporated some at home workouts instead which is nice.


I probably did this for 90% of the month which is a pretty great effort in my book. I am still practicing this and using my Bullet Journal to track the habit.

  • Make time to meditate for 15 minutes a day

Not going to lie, this was pretty tough! I would say I meditated maybe 50% of the month, but definitely not for 15 minutes at a time. It is a lot more difficult than I had anticipated. A new app you’ve probably heard of that I’ve found very helpful is Headspace – check it out if you haven’t already.

Now! Onto October’s goals!

  • Motivation Challenge with Talk Healthy To Me’s Tahana Lee! If you’re interested jump on over to her Facebook Group and join!
  • 31 Day Streak on Duolingo – I’ve taken up learning German again so I’m going to try and do a little practice every day

How was your September? What are your goals for October?

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