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After speaking to my doctor earlier rather than later, it was apparent that despite having control over my cycle, the pill was not working for my skin at all. My doctor advised to stop taking the pill and we would explore antibiotics and topical gels for the next few months. After only 7 days of not taking the pill, I was feeling less anxious and a lot happier. Clearly it doesn’t agree with me, so I am glad I took the plunge.

I’m also on a new common acne antibiotic called Doxycycline (some of you may have used this before, let me know in the comments) for the next three months, one of which is almost over. I have only had one major blemish after the switch so I feel as though this was a good move. One downside of this new medication is the side effects. Luckily, because I will only be on them for three months tops, the end is in sight. I’ve got way more sensitive skin, which means no laser hair removal (had to postpone my appointments) or other skin treatments. No exfoliating products, some moisturisers tend to sting my skin a lot, and even sweating at the gym can get a bit itchy.


More on this though, I am back at the gym! I only started at the tail end of May but I already feel rejuvenated and excited about going again. I’ve started going three times a week, and for the last two weeks it’s been 5-6 times a week. I have no idea where this motivation came from but I am loving it! This week I am doing two strength sessions, two cardio, and two sessions of pilates. I haven’t tried pilates for about 4 years now! My diet has also been tweaked (still vegan) which I might talk about in a new blog post if you guys are interested.


Lastly, I’ve finally dyed my hair a more natural colour and I am in love with it! I saw the amazing Naomi of My Hair Haven. She is an amazing vegan hairdresser. All products used in the salon are completely cruelty free and have no animal products in the ingredients. And then, the little touches of at her salon make visiting that much more special. Plant based milks, vegan & gluten free cookies and array of herbal teas (try the Oxfam Green Tea, it’s the best I’ve tasted!). If you’re interested in a full review of my experience let me know!

How was your May? 

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