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One of the highlights of this month blogging wise would have to be attending the Benefit Brow Event. It was a lot of fun and I learnt some great tips as well! I can’t wait to keep attending blogging events in Brisbane. I know of a few coming up in future months as well, so let me know if you would like me to keep making posts about them!

I’ve also been busy doing some crochet again! I learnt to crochet from my Grandmother and Mother, and have been doing projects on and off since I was 18. I recently got some great news about a dear friend, so I’ve been busy making little gifts to celebrate. Would that be something you’d like to see of here on the blog? Or I can keep the projects in these more personal, chatty, posts. I’m undecided.

Another point of difference with August has been health.

For a long time I’ve been pretty sporadic with my wellbeing. I did make the switch to veganism in April, but you can still lead an unhealthy lifestyle and be vegan! Oreos anyone? I still ate quite a bit of junk food regularly, and drank a lot of soft drink and alcohol. Almost daily! I’ve made some big changes, and I’ve stuck to it for the last four weeks. They say breaking a habit takes 21 days, so I think I am in the clear! I’ll be keeping you all updated monthly on my progress, and some new fitness blog posts will be popping up as well. Stay tuned.

In terms of the blog, I took a break during the last half of August. This was mainly to do some blog maintenance behind the scenes, but having small breaks now and then always kick start my motivation. I’ve got the next four months mapped out pretty clearly for the blog, and I hope you enjoy! If you have any requests, do let me know. I would love to make sure my readers are happy and enjoying my content.

So that concludes The August Edit! What did you get up to in August?

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