September 2014 Favourites

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My friend Kasia made an order on a Korean beauty site, and I asked her to pick me up one of the Skin79 Oriental Gold Plus BB Cream (RRP $25.90) mainly because the orange one was sold out, and I really needed a Skin79 BB Cream back in my life. I’ve been using this one daily, with the exception of any night time looks (as it contains SPF). It’s quite dewy (perfect for Spring) but I do need to use a setting powder with it so I don’t get all oily and greasy throughout the day.

One of my most expensive lipsticks in my collection, and now the favourite – YSL Rouge Volupte Shine in Nude Beige (RRP $55.00) is my spirit animal. Well if a lipstick could be a spirit animal, it would be her. If lipsticks could be girls. But I digress… Check out my full review on this pretty lippie 😉

I’m late to the party with Victoria Secret Pure Seduction Body Mist (RRP $14.00) but rustle my jimmies, this scent is glorious! This one is Elle Fowler’s favourite scent and I can certainly see why. It has a great fruity/floral scent that is just delicious! My only qualm is that the body mist doesn’t really last a long time on the body scent wise.

The Nivea Moisturising Fluid SPF (RRP $7.99) is a great, lightweight moisturiser for mornings, and has a pretty high protection against UV rays (although you will need a higher SPF if you are spending a great deal of time in the sun.) It’s non-greasy and hasn’t broken me out in over a month of use. Score!

The Label Young Shocking Toner ver. 1 (RRP $28.00) was quite a surprising product for me to like, but I’ve been mixing this with my BB cream everyday. It creates a really hydrating element to your routine, and it’s actually helping to reduce my breakouts (probably my skin over compensating for dryness? silly face).

I think that Batiste Dry Shampoo in Mambo (RRP $9.99) should really be a favourite every month. I am particularly loving the new scent Mambo, a nice change from my usual floral or cherry. Now that’s I’ve got brown hair, I am thinking of picking up Born to Buy’s favourite type for brunette hair, to avoid that white cast on the hair

Kerastase Chrome Thermique* (RRP $58.50) has been my hair saviour, trying to get it back into shape after over a year of bleaching. It’s great for making hair super shiny without it becoming greasy or overworked. It is heat activated technology that makes her almost mirror-like in shine, and is specifically designed for colour treated hair (which can get a bit dull been hair appointments). Well worth the dosh.

The ever-coveted Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray (RRP $31.00) has been on my wish list for some time, but I’ve always balked at the price. It is definitely worth the money, but I have used already probably about 1/4 of the product after a couple of weeks. I don’t think it’s something I would buy regularly just because I am trying to save money, but it’s one that I am really glad I picked up for the summer. It adds great texture to the hair without leaving it ‘crispy’ like some styling products!

What were your September Favourites?

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