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It wasn’t long before Australia began stocking Bioderma, and I was reunited with my love. I’ve tried other cleansing waters over time, but none are as effective or as suitable for my skin as Bioderma. So when I moved to Brisbane in February of this year, I was still happily using the original Sensibio (pink) cleansing water. Then came Winter. Oy.

My skin has always been normal to oily. But since moving to this cooler climate (I originally come from the tropics) my skin has adjusted. It has become more dry and prone to some dryness symptoms, like flaking skin and tightness. It may also be because I am (sob) getting older, and my skin is producing less oil on the daily. In any case, I recently decided to switch over to Hydrabio, the hydrating sister of Sensibio.

Hydrabio still easily removes makeup and dirt from the skin, and is still gentle enough to use on my semi-sensitive skin. It is formulated to stimulate the skin’s ability to retain moisture, while still effectively (and gently) cleansing the skin.

I think it is definitely on par with the removal of makeup, but my skin still feels soft and hydrated after use.

The only real difference I can find in ingredients is that Hydrabio contains glycerin. Glycerin is a well known skincare ingredient for keeping the skin hydrated. Hydrabio also contains a fragrance additive. While the fragrance additive doesn’t bother me personally, those who have super sensitive skin or are allergic to fragrances should take note! But all in all, the Hydrabio range is suited to dry sensitive skin.

Have you ever experienced changes in your skin type before?

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