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I’ve been loving (and not loving) a lot of Eastern European foods since I got here! I am usually pretty picky when it comes to food but I’ve been delighted to find that I love a lot of the different … Continued

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When you travel to a different country, you are always somewhat prepared for cultural differences. There are, however, times when you feel as though you may be from a different planet. Here are some things that I wasn’t at all … Continued

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After spending about a week in Sofia, Bulgaria, and thoroughly enjoying myself, I thought I would give you guys 4 Things to See in this amazing Eastern European city. Sofia Zoo Zoos are always a fun way to see native … Continued

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I feel it prudent to mention this post isn’t sponsored. I found these apps organically via friends, family and other travellers, and have rounded up my favourites and the most useful. Hopefully these will help you on your travels, however … Continued

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When I began my travels, I never thought I would find such a gem as Serbia. I’d always been warned off travelling there due to the recent wars in Eastern Europe in the 1990s. I can tell you that these … Continued

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