Review: Rimmel London Scandaleyes Rockin Curves Mascara

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I have always been of the opinion that Rimmel mascaras were not for me. I tried a Rimmel London Scandaleyes Curve Alert mascara that I got free in a pack and hated it. It was clumpy, dry and the brush was so difficult to maneourve. I swore that I would never try one.

When the new mascara by Rimmel Rockin’ Curves Mascara* arrived on my doorstep, I scoffed. I am happy with my three fail safe mascaras thank you very much! Alas, as a beauty blogger, we need to set aside preconceptions of a brand or particular line from a brand, in order to let our readers know our preferences

What Rimmel London says

Say goodbye to quiet lashes!

Our first broken heart-shaped brush creates a fringe of big, curvy, rockin’ lashes. This cleverly-shaped applicator twists and curves to hug the lash line; the thin tip grabs hard-to-reach inner lashes, while the amplified base pulses lashes with incredible volume and curve. Lashes are plumped and lifted in one clean stroke.

No clumps!

What The Minted Beauty says

I tried the mascara (hesitantly!) with makeup wipes at the ready to remove and go on with my day with Clump Crusher, but I didn’t need them! I am not sure if Rimmel have reformulated their mascara, but this was quite good! It took some time to get used to the brush (I am used to plastic bristles mainly) but after some practice, I have literally been using this every single day (except one day!) since I got it.

The ‘broken heart-shaped’ brush is amazing for lifting outer lashes and grabbing those pesky inner eye lashes that can be ignored on occasion. The fiber brush is something that I would personally like to change (to plastic) because I think it’s cleaner and doesn’t pull as much product out of the tube. I always try and put some of it back in there, or alternatively, quickly wipe it with a tissue (although I would prefer not to waste it!).