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Pore Clear Pack

If you’ve been on my blog for a while, you know my secret weapon against blackheads. You might say that the Naris Up Pore Clear Pack (RRP $10.49) is my ace up the sleeve when it comes to perfect pores. It’s high time I spill the beans!

What Naris Up says:

Naris Up N.U.P. Pore Clear Pack is specially designed to clean away blackheads formed at the nose tip, nose wing and chin. It contains eggshell essence and charcoal to thoroughly eliminate blackheads and impurities that clog pores. It leaves skin of the parts where blackheads can be easily formed soft and delicate again.

The Lowdown

To work this product is simple. After cleansing, simply smear on areas where you get blackheads (mainly nose, forehead and chin), wait, and then peel off for a satisfyingly smooth finish.


Because this is a Japanese brand, it of course has adorable packaging! It’s a dark blue squeeze tube, with a cute little egg man on the front to boot. The little logo guy kind of reminds me of an egg wearing a Pringles man mask. Weird – but hey! It’s cute!

Mmm Tar!


This product contains eggshell essence and charcoal. Not your everyday ingredients! It’s a thick, sticky paste that reminds me of tar. That is what makes this product work it’s magic though! It pulls blackheads from their very roots (ick) and removes them from your skin!


Brilliant. After using this, my pores are smaller, tighter, and most importantly, clean! After gently rinsing off residue that I can’t peel off, it leaves my skin soft and super smooth!

Such class, so mature, very clean


  • Low Price for a decent amount of product
  • Clears out pores
  • Fun!


  • It can hurt a little to tear off – them peach fuzz hairs!

Do you like Asian beauty products? Have you tried anything like this? I’d love to know!

Stay Minty!

Kate Xx

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