Review: Bespoque: Skin Care Designed by You!

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When you’ve lived in your skin for x amount of years, you tend to know it inside out (hehe). Bespoque: Skin care designed by YOU* (RRP $34.95 – $64.95) gives you the chance to assess what you skin needs, and allows you to combine the necessary ingredients to make your very own face moisturiser. The website is intuitive and user friendly, and offers a lot of information on what could be suited to your skin. I’ve been using this moisturiser the last four weeks and I’ve been loving it! It’s hydrating without being heavy or oily, and it soaks into my skin quickly (I don’t like a residue left on the skin too long).

I will take you step by step through the design process here:

First step is to choose the base for your moisturiser. I chose light & hydrating, as my skin doesn’t need a rich moisturiser.

I chose to not have a fragrance in my product.As much as I love a scented product, when it comes to facial moisturiser, I like to stick to non-scented products. My skin is slightly sensitive, so it’s best to err on the side of safety.

Choosing a name for your formula. I, of course, chose Minted. Fitting, don’t you think? 😛

Next was the label colour. I really wish they had a Mint Green colour. I went with peach instead

Next up is choosing what you skin type is. I chose oily and I am in my 20’s.

I have a little trouble with fine lines and wrinkles and sun damage, a lot of uneven skin tone (thanks to acne scarring) and no sagging skin (yet! heh.)

I don’t have dry or flaky skin, but I do have a little redness and dull/lifeless skin. However, I do suffer from frequent breakouts, as well as enlarged pores.

And this is the result! If you don’t think some of these features will suit your skin, you can remove and add different ones to tweak your formula.

Find out more and make your own!