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No one noticed

Not a single person said anything, looked at me twice, said I looked tired, or asked if I was okay. If they did notice, they didn’t mention it. I was totally expecting this to happen, but my fears were unfounded.

My skin has become clearer

Granted, this could be a number of factors affecting my skin (more on that in a few weeks!). But my skin feels better during the day at work, because it can breathe. I’m noticing less breakouts and my pores don’t seem as enlarged.

I have more time

Even a bare bones makeup routine takes me at least ten minutes, so having an extra ten minutes of time up my sleeve is nothing to sneeze at. Even if this is used snoozing, I still appreciate the extra time.

Apparently, my brows are fine

I’ve had a fear for YEARS about my brows looking awful when they weren’t done. Even on no-makeup days previously, I would still at least add a little pencil or powder to my brows to fill them out. But I’ve found that I am growing used to my natural brow shape as the days go on.

Mascara isn’t required all the time

Using an eyelash curler makes such a HUGE difference alone that I didn’t feel the need to add mascara. Plus not washing off mascara at the end of the day (my most hated job) is a real treat.

My clothes are cleaner

I am a self confessed clumsy person, and this includes accidentally smearing lipstick, lipgloss, and foundation on the clothes. I still wear lip balm during the day, but I’ve found my colours and necklines don’t get those weird orange nude tones around them anymore. Mum would be proud haha.

I feel liberated

It feels pretty damn good right now to not wear makeup. I feel as though I am being more myself and not adhering to other people’s rules. Even though I always maintained I was wearing makeup for myself (and it’s totally cool if you do wear makeup for yourself!) there was always an expectation, especially in a workplace, to wear makeup. Why does being female and professional equal wearing makeup? It’s ridiculous.

Putting on makeup feels more special

After a week of wearing no makeup, Shannon and I went out to dinner and I decided to use a little concealer, add some mascara and fill in my brows, and wear a lip colour. I felt a little bit more special for putting on makeup, but still didn’t feel overdone or caked up like I sometimes do. It was a nice change.

A quick disclaimer at the end of this post for you. I may wear makeup again. I don’t think other people should stop wearing makeup. I know a lot of my readers are passionate about makeup, which I was once too. If it’s what you love – you do you! I just wanted to share my first week being makeup free with you, and to show you that it wasn’t as scary as I thought it would be. – K

Would you consider going a full week bare faced? Have you before?

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