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But, there’s still time before 2017 comes to a close. Here’s a run down of where I am currently at with my goals for 2017.


This went okay for a while! I was steadily going to the gym for a solid eight weeks at the beginning of the year. However, I then travelled to Japan, and things got a bit too hard. At the end of May, I made it my mission to get back to the gym, and I’m three weeks strong of consistent exercise again. The key is to never stop going, and to always find a reason to move. It’s way easier to be consistent then it is to get back on that horse dozens of times.


Another minor fail here. Again, I was really consistent with my blogging and social media channel work at the beginning of the year, and then waned during the hardest months this year – March and April (you can find out why here). I got my second wind and some new inspiration with my new love of cruelty free beauty and a few new subjects that I want to touch on here. I’m also planning on tweaking things like my theme and overall feel for my blog, which is usually something I do every 18 months or so. If you’re a blogger, how often do you update your theme? Or do you like to keep it pretty classic?


Finally a success! I didn’t touch the bleach in 2017. Instead I opted for a LOT of coconut oil treatments (which kinda helped) and then had a big chop and a colour just recently. My amazing hairdresser Naomi of My Hair Haven (if you are in the Brisbane area definitely look her up!) helped me colour match my natural root colour and then added a little warmth. As I have cool toned skin, I sometimes find that even though my natural hair colour is cool toned, it can wash me out. We opted for some subtle Rosewood and Mushroom Pink  tones in the ends of my hair, and though I will need to go back for a touch up soon, I am excited for this new (healthier) hair chapter.


Another win! I am living a much more minimal lifestyle than I was just 6 months ago, with a lot of clothes, makeup and beauty supplies, and random “keepsakes” that I was holding onto for no reason. One thing I’ve learnt with me is out of sight, out of mind. I didn’t look in some drawers for about 4 months because I didn’t use anything in there. Those drawers have now been emptied. I’ve only done one post on Minimalism so far this year, but I am interested in doing more (I’ve been trying to document a little on the way). What kind of minimalism posts would you be interested in?

How are your goals tracking for 2017?

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