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  Horror Gift Guide by kate-flint featuring halloween home decor White tank top 69 RON – Black Heart Vampire Necklace Anatomical Zombie Horror… 13 RON – Metal home decor 250 RON – Halloween home decor Glass drinkware 42 RON – Funko Mystery … Continued


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Nestled in the small village town of Săpânța in the Maramureş county of Romania, is the beautiful Merry Cemetery, famous for it’s hand carved wooden, colourful headstones. This beautiful tribute to the villagers lives is now an open air museum and tourist attraction for the … Continued

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After spending about a week in Sofia, Bulgaria, and thoroughly enjoying myself, I thought I would give you guys 4 Things to See in this amazing Eastern European city. Sofia Zoo Zoos are always a fun way to see native … Continued

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Travelling indefinitely is an absolute amazing experience. It also makes you appreciate things more, be them little moments, your favourite dinner made by your Mum, or a comfortable bed. Missing my family is probably the one thing I miss most. … Continued


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I’ve been loving (and not loving) a lot of Eastern European foods since I got here! I am usually pretty picky when it comes to food but I’ve been delighted to find that I love a lot of the different … Continued

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When visiting Niš, something that I was very interested in seeing was the Skull Tower. The Skull Tower in Niš is a cement tower, with human skulls embedded in the sides. During a battle between the Turkish and Serbs in … Continued

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If you’ve been living under some kind of Netflix proof rock, Dubrovnik in Croatia has become a tourist haven since Game of Thrones was filmed there. With amazing historical buildings, gorgeous natural scenery and beautiful weather, it’s easy to see … Continued

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When you travel to a different country, you are always somewhat prepared for cultural differences. There are, however, times when you feel as though you may be from a different planet. Here are some things that I wasn’t at all … Continued

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I feel it prudent to mention this post isn’t sponsored. I found these apps organically via friends, family and other travellers, and have rounded up my favourites and the most useful. Hopefully these will help you on your travels, however … Continued

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