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But I am well on my way, and thought I would share how I first got the motivation to get started, with my favourite books, documentaries and YouTubers!


The start of really considering a more minimal life was reading The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo. The Japanese organisational Queen is all about decluttering and simplifying your life. I read this while I was travelling through Europe in 2015, but it’s only been in the last few months that I’ve picked it up again to re-read. It also touches on everything having it’s own place and having the things in your life ‘spark joy’. Spark Joy also happens to be the title of her second book, which I am yet to pick up but I can guarantee it will also be fantastic.


I mentioned the documentary Minimalism in my December 2016 Favourites post, and it’s kind of what re-sparked my intentions for a more minimal lifestyle. It shows minimalists in their natural habitat (hehe) and shows a range of different lifestyles adapting to it. It shows you that you can adapt it to any kind of home or life, even if you’ve got kids (which I think is one thing that can really stump a lot of people).

While the documentary The True Cost isn’t really about minimalism per say, it does touch on issues that really struck a chord with me and wanting to consume less. It’s insane how much we consume and buy only to not use it and throw it away.

Both of these documentaries are available now on Netflix. You have my permission to netflix + chill.


Firstly, one video you need to watch is The Art of Letting Go, which is a TEDx Talk by The Minimalists (featured in the documentary Minimalism mentioned above).

As for actual YouTubers, one favourites is Jenny Mustard. She’s got a plethora of great minimalism videos, including some really helpful topics like How to Stop Shopping (something I think we all struggle with one time or another!). Her apartment tour is something really special as well, it shows how you shouldn’t just fill your apartment with cheap options to ‘fill the space’, but more about choosing pieces for function and for joy.

Another of my favourite minimal YouTubers is Rachel Aust, who also has some amazing videos on fitness, meal prepping and more. I really love her minimal aesthetic as well, everything is clean and simple.

I hope you enjoyed this post with some of my favourite minimalistic sources!

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