Macabre Monday #51 – Sarajevo – More Minted

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The Sarajevo Srebrenica Gallery shows photographs taken during the time of Sarajevo being under siege. It also has documentaries running with a small projector about Sarajevo. I have tried to track them down on YouTube, but have been unable to find the exact ones. I did find the Miss Sarajevo music clip though, very touching.

As for the photographs, a lot of them speak for themselves. As someone who has never experienced the effects of war and losing loved ones in such a traumatic way, it was certainly heartbreaking and terrifying. For it to happen to people my age as well, when I was safe and worried about stupid things in Australia, like passing a maths test.

These memories are not hidden away in the gallery and not encountered every day. Throughout the city, there are craters in pavements from bombs, and if more than three people died there, they commemorated it by making a Sarajevo Rose. It might sound morbid and awful, but it’s to remind you of those who lost their lives. They were real people. Family, friends, your neighbour.

What to take away from this is to never forget; never again.