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Now while these at first appear to be pretty similar colours to my original purchase (nude and pink, boring? Wrong!). They are completely different shades, and it’s easy to see that Rose Matter and Mannequin are both warmer and softer than their cooler counterparts. These two also happen to be scented with root beer (sarsaparilla for us Aussies!) as are a few others in Jstar’s collection. The new Summer shades are also rumoured to be scented as jolly rancher watermelon. Uh yum!

As per usual, these lipsticks cost $18USD, along with a flat shipping rate of $10.95USD for international buyers. I definitely recommend picking up more than one shade at a time, or go halvsies with a friend to save on shipping.

Beginning with Rose Matter, this lipstick is described as a beautiful neutral coral shade. Like all of Jeffree’s lipsticks, it dries completely matte and doesn’t feel tight, crumbly or flaky. I really can’t sing praises about these lipsticks enough. The coral shade is going to be amazing in summer, but still suits for warming up a cool winter look.

Next, Mannequin is described as I’m Nude’s younger, darker sister. It is more cool toned than I’m Nude, but more warm toned than Posh Spice. I’ve been wearing this shade quite a lot and receiving a lot of compliments for it as well!

I can tell you now, that I am likely to just continue buying more and more of Jeffree Star‘s lip shades. I am positively in love with the formula and with releases happening all the time, I’ll hopefully be able to catch ’em all!

Did you pick up either of these shades in the release?

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