Iconosquare – How to Use + Is it Worth the Money?

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NB – I am in no way affiliated with Iconosquare, nor am I being paid or receiving a free service for this blog post. I simply have had a great experience in using their service, and thought I would share the basics I’ve learnt. – Kate

Iconosquare is a paid website or app with a monthly fee of $4.90 (per account) or alternatively, an annual fee of $49.00 (per account). For the amount of followers and engagement increase I’ve seen in my Instagram since utilizing this tool, I believe it’s well worth the money. However, without knowing how to use Iconosquare effectively, it can fall short of some people’s expectations. However, after exploring and using it for about four months, I can safely say that’s it’s change the way I ‘gram.

There five side tabs to help you explore the website; Analyze, Manage, Engage, Instagram Feed tab and Discover.

In today’s post, we will only be concentrating on the first tab: Analyze. If you’d like some follow up posts with more info on the other tabs, let me know in the comments below!

The Analyze tab has sub-tabs called Overview, Community, Content and Engagement. There are also sub-tabs Competitors and Hashtags, which can only be used if using the Elite subscription ($149.00 per year). We will be concentrating on the basic “Plus” subscription for this post.


The Overview tab is pretty self-explanatory, and this is probably where I spend the bulk of my time. This tab shows a summary of new, lost and top followers, best photos (for engagement, likes and comments), increase in followers, etc. I like using this tab occasionally throughout the day to see my lost followers and checking new followers to like their photos if I enjoy their feed (and possibly follow if I LOVE their feed). It’s mainly a catch all for the other more in depth tabs.

It’s also got some great info accessible here including the follower growth graph. This graph was a great way to see if Iconosquare was working for me. The graph image above pretty clearly shows the day I began using Iconosquare. Look at that jump in followers on the 6th June 2016.

Another useful feature here is seeing your most liked, most commented and most engaging posts. This shows you what your audience is loving, so you can try to replicate it more often in your feed.


The Community tab is all about your tribe. It allows you to see your follower growth, gained & lost followers and and even your top followers gained and lost, in a more structured environment. I tend to not use this tab often unless I experience a massive influx of new or lost followers on a particular day that I need to keep on top of. I also love the graphs available in this tab. Graphs are great aren’t they?

The other useful information found in this tab is where your followers are from? It’s kind of cool to see some followers in smaller and exotic countries.


The Content tab consists of how often you post, what filters you’ve used, how many times you posted in a year, etc. I don’t venture into this tab all too often, but I can see it could be helpful with seeing how active you’ve been in past years versus now.


Lastly, the Engagement tab is super useful for seeing how well your posts are doing compared to past posts. The other amazing portion of this tab is finding out the best time for you to post on Instagram. As you are probably aware, some posts perform better than others, and it could be because of what time of day you are posting. You can drill down each day you’ve previously posted and see the percentage of engagement.

All in all, I find Iconosquare one of my most useful tools that I use every single day. Completely worth the money, and I will continue to use it for as long as I am using Instagram.

I hope you found this post useful! Do you use Iconosquare?

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