Fitness Journey August 2016

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I work well in a structured environment. Given the choice, I’ll happily laze about, eating whatever I want, and doing whatever I want. It’s not an admirable trait to have I’ll admit. In order for me to be successful in my Fitness Journey, I had to place some general rules in place.

I know, I know, restrictions aren’t always the answer. As someone withan addictive personality, if I allow myself a coke every now and again, it becomes a daily habit. I can rarely stop at ‘just one’ drink. It’s just the way I am

The Rules

  • No soft drink (except soda water)
  • No alcohol
  • One treat per week
  • One cheat meal per week
  • Gym 3 times per week
  • More whole vegan foods, less processed foods

These rules really helped me to curb my sugar addiction. By cutting out soft drink and alcohol, a lot of bloating in my face and stomach when down after two weeks. The first few days were HARD. I won’t lie. All I could think about was just having one coke. I worked past it, curbed the need for fizz with soda water and I defeated the Soda Demon.

In terms of alcohol, I haven’t had too much trouble avoiding it. Granted I only attended a few situations were it was offered to me. I’m just waiting for the “You’re not pregnant are you?” quips. They’ll come.

Food changes has been a huge part of my plan. Meal prepping lets me make better food choices. When there is a yummy, healthy meal in the fridge for me to heat, I make better choices. I’ve also saved a lot of time by meal prepping all my lunches and dinners on Sunday. It means that getting to gym at night is also way easier.

For exercise, I’ll admit it hasn’t been perfect. I’m not someone who bounces out of bed ready to sweat. I have to make the commitment and just do it. I’ve found exercising at night works best for me (I like my sleep ins) and checking out some of my favourite fitness Youtubers has helped too! I’ve been loving Rachel Aust and Taylor R‘s fitness routines.

Now for the scary part. Progress pics and my stats. I am proud of how far I’ve come in just four weeks, but it’s still pretty nerve wracking to post them out there for everyone to see!

Starting Stats – 1st August 2016

Weight: 71.7kg


Chest: 80.5cm

Bust: 93.5cm

Right Bicep: 29cm

Left Bicep: 30.5cm

Waist: 77cm

Hips: 100.5cm

Right Thigh: 64.5cm

Left Thigh: 63cm

Right Calf: 39.5cm

Left Calf: 39cm

August Stats – 4th September 2016

Weight: 68.6kg


Chest: 77.5cm

Bust: 93cm

Right Bicep: 28.5cm

Left Bicep: 30cm

Waist: 74.5cm

Hips: 95cm

Right Thigh: 60cm

Left Thigh: 61cm

Right Calf: 38.5cm

Left Calf: 38.5cm

Total Weight Lost: 3.1kg

Total Cm Lost: 20.5cm

I’m not sure if I should continue these posts every month. However, these blog posts are kind of as much for me as they are for you guys! I want to see my progress over time and keep myself motivated.

Let me know if you do a similar post if you are a blogger, or if you are tracking your fitness journey as well!

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