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Finding the perfect denim jacket might be written off as a kind of pipe dream. There’s always something that can stop a jacket from being deemed “perfect”. Whether it’s the wash, colour, sleeve details, stitching, or fit.

But that’s half the fun. Trying denim jackets out and seeing how they fit into your style and how you like to wear them can be eye opening and unexpected. But where do you find these elusive denim jackets?

Department store

With classic styles and trending items, department store shopping is a breeze. There’s almost always a willing sales rep to point you in the right direction, they stock a large range of sizes, and they are well made pieces that will probably last you a lifetime. The key here is to look for quality, because you will most likely be paying more for a department store piece.

Think: Myer, David Jones

Chain stores

More affordable and probably more trendy items can be found in the chain store denim jacket. Sizing can be a bit more touch and go (how can I be a small in one store and a large in another?) and while you spend less on these items, they are likely to only last a season or two of wear. Although if that’s what you’re after, and you don’t think you will wear a denim jacket once they start fading out of fashion again, this would be a great option for you.

Think: Valleygirl, Sportsgirl, Universal


Depending on what you classify as vintage shopping, it can be an affordable or a pricey affair. High ticket items like brand names or cult classics that are discontinued can be on offer for hundreds or even thousands of dollars! There’s less chance of finding the item of your dreams in size, but when you do it’s close to magical.

Think: Etsy, Nasty Gal, Asos Marketplace


My personal favourite medium – thrifting! It’s about the hunt! Finding that perfect denim jacket can be harder this way, but also tonnes more rewarding! Hidden gem jackets from Calvin Klein or Levis isn’t unheard of, and there are great discontinued Indie Brands that didn’t get the recognition they so well deserve. I found two amazing denim jackets in styles I love at Lifeline for only $10 a piece. Bargain!

Think: Lifeline, St Vincent De Paul, Salvation Army

Have you found your perfect denim jacket?

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