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I feel as though MAC is a brand that a lot of people gravitate towards as their first ‘high-end’ products. They have a lot of really iconic shades that are consistently selling out, and heaps of hidden gems you’ve probably never heard of. Here’s a small round up of some of my favourite shades from the MAC Collection. These are all in the permanent line so you should be able to get your paws on them should one take your fancy. I also tried to choose ones that I love that aren’t on everyone’s must have list, so maybe you haven’t seen some of these before!

Snob – A blue based light pink. Not everyone can pull this off, and I am pretty certain I can’t, but I love it anyway. It makes me feel like a Malibu Barbie and you can’t take that away from me haha. This lipstick has a satin finish, which is kind of a creamier version of the matte finish.

Plumful – This shade is my all time favourite, and you might have seen my dupe post I posted earlier this week. I love that it’s not quite one particular colour, and kind of travels between pink and purple depending on how your skin tone. Sometimes after a tan, it looks completely different. The lustre finish means it’s creamy and a little on the sheer side.

Crosswires – Crosswires is a cremesheen lipstick, which is described as a coral pink. But while some coral pinks can look very summery and young, this one is a little more sophisticated somehow. I feel like this lipstick is a colour that would have been worn in the 1960s. It’s an awesome, creamy lipstick that stays opaque pretty well throughout the day.

Morange – This lipstick with an Amplified finish is described as a vivid orange. And how! It’s a bright orange with warm red undertones, and one of my favourite lipsticks in this hue!

What’s your must have MAC Lipstick?

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