Empties #7

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I hear you yell “WHY SO MANY FACE WIPES?” Well, dear reader, this is because I found a stash of empty face wipe packets in a ‘safe place’ which was seemingly forgotten! Let’s get started on this Face Wipe Bonanza. The ModelsPrefer MATTE Me, 3 in 1 pore minimising cleansing wipes with MP aquaFLEX 25.0 pack (RRP $6.99) were okay. Nothing really to write home about, and I didn’t really find any mattifying properties to be too obvious. They also are not much cheaper to my preferred brand of face wipes and next in our empties list – the Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes 25 pack (RRP $7.99). I normally try to buy a couple of these packs on sale because I love them so much. I think I actually had another packet to show in this empties post but it has disappeared (I suspect due to my clean-freak boyf doing spot cleans).

The Pure Smiles Refresh Tissue in Juicy Fruits (RRP $3.00 each) are the wipes I received in the Office Essentials Memebox. I’ve only used up one of the packets as they weren’t amazing at removing makeup, so I’ve been using them purely as hand wipes in emergencies or to clean makeup off my hands.

Next up was a Indeed Laboratories Hydraluron Moisture Boosting Mask (RRP $29.99 – 4 pack), which I used on a pamper night recently after using LUSH Mask of Magnaminty. I did this after a particularly gruelling weekend of back-to-back parties (why do I do this to myself? I am turning 26!). However, this mask helped push much needed moisture back into my skin after a zesty mint mask to combat zits. These are sheet masks of the highest quality – will repurchase again and again.

Now, a makeup related empty, I received the Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion sample pack with my Naked 3 Palette last year, and have only just gotten around to using all the little samples inside! This sample pack was an awesome way to try out some of Urban Decay’s other primer potion formulas. It came with Original, Eden (matte finish), Sin (shimmer finish) and Anti-Aging. I particularly loved Eden and Anti-Aging, so once I used up my current Too Faced Eyeshadow Primer (one I’ve repurchased), I might look into getting one of these.

Now here are the culprits for making me so sad about this post. All of these guys are favourites! First up is the Kerastase Specifique Bain Vital Dermo Calm Shampoo* (RRP $34.00) which has calmed down my oily scalp like nobody’s business! I had never thought of caring for my scalp so much, but this shampoo is just delightful. I’ve got so many shampoo samples to go through, and I am using one at the moment which is a close second (and miles cheaper) than this baby, but I can definitely see me repurchasing this in the future.

In skincare, the coveted Apha-H Liquid Gold with Glycolic Acid* (RRP $53.23 – 100mL) is a skincare staple to a lot of other bloggers, and I can certainly see why after using it. Even after only using it a short time, I saw definitive fading in my acne scars on my cheeks and the overall feeling of the surface of my skin was smoother. Will definitely be picking up this one again in full size. Another product of the same brand, the Alpha-H Microcleanse* was such a small sample that it really only had one use in there. I don’t know that I would repurchase, unless I end up getting the same original kit of the Alpha-H skincare pack again.

One of my 2014 skincare favourites – Dr Roebuck’s POLISH* (RRP $39.99) is a product that made me audibly gasp when I used up. Check out my review on this product – it hurts to much to think it’s gone. I think LUSH of Magnaminty is a more affordable version of this one, so for me (while I think I prefer Dr Roebuck’s) I will have to stick with a version that’s nicer on the ol’ purse.

Lastly, this sad, gungy looking makeup pan once help the beautiful L’Oreal BB Powder in Light (RRP $26.95). This is my second or third time using up one of these, and I swear they always end up like this. Am I abnormally rough with my cosmetics, or is L’Oreal to blame for shoddy packaging? Okay, I admit, it’s probably me. This powder is one of my all-time favourite finishing powders, but I have about three others to use up before I head overseas. That means I won’t be seeing Little Miss BB Powder for some time. It’s velvety smooth finish will be well missed.

Does anyone else get emotional over empties?

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