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You might remember my recent hair change to magenta, and while I did love it, I was super keen to try out the opal trend. I was also in desperate need of a hair cut, so I got a sneaky new lob. I thought achieving opal hair would be near impossible to achieve while overseas, but I managed to kind of get it right with only a few steps and products!

Before. I also apologise for terrible quality picture. It was taken with a potato. Before – Profile

Products used:

Schwarzkopf Nordic Blonde Ultimate Lightener L1++ ($10.79)

Crazy Colours Bubblegum Blue (€8.00)

As you can see, my natural roots had started growing out, and was in need of a bleaching touch up. Instead of fully stripping out the pink colour before hand, I simply left it as is, and extended the bleach down the root a little further once my roots had been bleached.

Afterwards, instead of toning my hair, I left it. Horror of horrors, why? Well, i wanted mainly blue, but also green tones to appear in my hair.

I applied the Crazy Colours Bubblegum Blue Semi-Permanent Hair Dye as per the instructions, and rinsed.

VOILA! This created hair with tones of green, purple, blue and a hint of yellow where I missed a spot, but hey! It works.

Would you try this hair trend?

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