Dubrovnik on a Budget! Tips & Tricks – More Minted

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But, where there are tourists, there is expense. And when there is expense, my wallet hurts. I thought I would go through some tips and tricks for saving money while still having an awesome time at King’s Landing!


All accommodation is going to be expensive, but if you stay within Old Town, it’s going to be much more expensive! Most places surrounding in the residential areas (such as apartments to rent for a few nights) are much more affordable, and often have a swimming pool, air conditioning and aren’t too far from a metro bus station to get to Old Town.


Public transport in Dubrovnik, Croatia consists of a Metro Bus, taxis and lastly, walking. I would highly suggest taking advantage of the great metro bus system, as it’s only about $3AUD for a ticket, as opposed to a 10 euro ($14 AUD) taxi ride to old town. Don’t be fooled by taxis!

Dubrovnik Card

A Dubrovnik Card can be useful if you are staying for a long period of time (say 7 days or more) to see certain museums, city walls, and to obtain free metro bus travel. However, we stayed two days and it worked out cheaper to pay our way normally. However, I would definitely look into it if you have a lot of time to spare and are staying longer than two days, I would definitely recommend it.

Food & Drinks

Despite trying to find cheaper options throughout the city, the cost of restaurant food and drinks are almost the exact same within Old Town as it is outside Old Town. Save your legs, and have a nice view while you eat!

Alternatively, there is a large supermarket at the main bus terminal with cheaper options for drinks and snacks (or meals if you are also cooking at your apartment).

Swimming & Cliff Jumping

We found that most beaches or rock drop offs are free to swim at in Dubrovnik, and the water is always beautifully clear. The water is saltier than I am used to in Australia (you will be left with a fine layer of crystallised salt when you dry!) and be wary of sea urchins on the ocean floor. I stepped on one in Montenegro and it’s not real fun!

You can also cliff jump, but I would advise watching someone else do it first! From 1 m to 8 m, choose your height and leap!


Most people speak English and will be mostly happy to help you out, and there will always be other English speaking travellers that can lend you a hand. I met a lovely girl from Brisbane on the bus who was a blast to chat to.

Other Tips & Tricks

Try not to do too much shopping as prices are crazy inflated! Also drinks can be quite expensive, but the fountains around Old Town are safe to drink, so fill up your water bottle on a hot day (especially before tackling the City Walls). There are also pickpockets to be wary of (as you should be in any town) and if someone puts a bird on you, you have to pay! Only a couple of dollars though, I thought it was worth it 😛