Downsizing for Travel: Eyeshadow, Contour and Blush

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Within my eyeshadow collection alone, I found dupe upon dupe upon dupe of colours. Turns out, I love my neutrals, rose metallic shades and rarely use over-the-top colours (normally because I love showing off a bright lip). That’s just me, and not everyone is going to be the same! To downsize, I removed the grid from my MAC Pro Palette (RRP $30.00) which has a metal base. This means on my MAC shadows that I would already be taking with me, they popped in the palette easily with their magnetic bases.

I also decided to choose my favourite shadows from my Urban Decay Naked 2 and Naked 3 Palettes (RRP $78.00 each) to depot into my palette. To depot these, I researched a number of depotting posts and videos (this one was so helpful!) and it didn’t end up as difficult as I thought. All you need is a hair straightener, some aluminium foil and the palettes you want to depot.

Within the MAC palette, I also wanted to include other powder options including contouring and blushes. To help save on space, I made the decision to cut out highlights, and instead use some of my iridescent eyeshadows for when I want that extra glow. Contour was an easy choice – NYX Blush in Taupe (RRP $9.95). It’s just the right shade and despite constant use, I’ve barely made a dent. Choosing blushes was a little more difficult. I love so many! After some careful thought (and I will admit, a wee bit of tearing) I chose Benefit Rockateur (RRP $51.00 full size) and The Balm Cabana Boy (RRP $21.00). I am also taking mini version of Benefit Benetint (RRP $55.00 full size) as an easy blush for days when we have very little time for makeups

As some of the shadows and other pots I had didn’t have any magnets on the back of them. I popped down to my local craft store and picked up five strips of magnets for only $3.80. These ones also have sticker adhesive on one side, so after cutting them to size, I pressed them onto the back of the pan and voila! Easy as!

Here is the finished palette! I am looking forward to seeing how many of the colours I use and if I can whittle it down even more in the future. It’s also worth noting at this point that I will be taking along my Naked Basics palette as an additional palette. It’s super compact, has basic shadows to get me through the day, and includes a brown shade that suits my brows. #winnning.

For those interested, the shadows included are (top left to right, top to bottom): Chopper, Suspect, Tease, YDK, Nooner, Limit, Strange, Half Baked, Darkside, Trick, Snakebite, Burnout, Buzz, MAC All That Glitters, MAC Ricepaper, MAC Woodwinked, MAC Satin Taupe, MAC Sable, MAC Charcoal Brown, Verve and Pistol.

Would you consider depotting your palettes for travel?

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