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If you’re active on social media, I can guarantee you’ve probably seen an abundance of charcoal teeth cleaning videos swamping the beauty world. I was lucky enough to receive the Carbon Coco Ultimate Carbon Kit (RRP $89.95) so I was pretty ecstatic to try it out!

The kit comes with one tub of activated charcoal powder, a tube of fluoride free charcoal toothpaste and a bamboo bristled toothbrush. The activated charcoal powder is made from coconut shell, and all items are cruelty free and vegan!

Activated charcoal has naturally adhesive characteristics, so it pulls grime from your teeth and binds with teeth staining. The toothpaste also helps to reduce build up for 12 hours, so your teeth aren’t being re-stained throughout the day (with coffee, speaking from experience here!). It’s also medical grade, completely safe for internal use, as it’s used for treating poisoning by mouth.

It’s super simple to use, but it can be a little messy, so get ready for some charcoal clean up in your bathroom sink! I wet the toothbrush and dip into the activated charcoal powder, and shake off excess. Then simply brush in small circles for about two minutes, take time to admire your demon looking mouth, then spit into the sink and rinse mouth well. I found that some charcoal particles can really get stuck, so rinsing well is a must! Flossing doesn’t go astray either if you’ve got gappy teeth like me. I then follow with the charcoal toothpaste for extra cleanliness (and also to help wash away any remaining charcoal) and gives a nice minty freshness that the charcoal on it’s own doesn’t offer.

I’ve been using it every night for a full week, and I can definitely see a difference in my teeth shade. I have had a little sensitivity in one tooth, however I’ve used other whitening techniques in the past, and all have resulted in this one sensitive tooth. So I don’t think it’s an issue brought on by this technique or product specifically.

I even got Shannon to give it a try! His comments were: “It tastes a bit like dirt, my teeth feel really clean though.”

Have you tried activated charcoal for teeth whitening, or anything else?

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