BYS Pure Silk Serum Foundation + Foundation Adjusters

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I received the BYS Pure Silk Serum Foundation (RRP $14.95) along with the Foundation Adjuster Lightener (RRP $14.95) and the Foundation Adjuster Darkener (RRP $14.95), so I thought I would test them out for you guys! These are all vegan friendly as well!

Shade Adjuster Drops

As we are now in Winter *sob*, I have only been using the Foundation Adjuster Lightener to slightly lighten the shade of Pure Silk Serum Foundation so far. It blends seamlessly into the product, and because it’s the same consistency I think that helps. If you are looking into adjustment drops, it would be best to match the brand, or at least foundation type. This product would be SO AMAZING for pale faced gals who struggle to find their perfect pale shade.

As for the Foundation Adjuster Darkener, I still tested it for consistency and was happy to see it was the same as the lightener, perfect for mixing to find your perfect shade. Having this on hand during the Summer months will be a lifesaver to make sure you don’t end up with that fantastic pale face when you have a fake tan on. It completely eliminates having to buy your Summer or Winter shades in your foundation of choice.


As for the Pure Silk Serum Foundation itself, I have only tried one other serum foundation and I found this one way better. While lightweight with buildable coverage, it isn’t as “liquid-y” as other the other serum foundation I’ve tried.

It comes in bottle, eye dropper style bottle, which I can foresee as difficult to get all the product out, which is common for glass bottle foundations. It has a satin finish, and I find that after wearing all day, it doesn’t cake up. I did find some creasing around the eye area throughout the day. However, I think this is easily combatted by using an eye primer or concealer that doesn’t crease, something I don’t often do for everyday wear.

I’m super keen to try out a high end serum foundation to compare it to. If you are in love with a serum foundation currently be sure to let me know!

Have you jumped on the serum foundation trend yet?

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