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They have been slaying their releases lately, keeping up with the high end guys at an alarming pace, and setting the bar for drugstore brands. When a parcel of their amazing palettes turned up on my door step to try, I was more than thrilled. So I thought I would share my thoughts on each palette with you in a an old fashioned swatch post!

Firstly I wanted to touch on the packaging of these palettes, as they are consistent across the board, bar the colours. Each palette comes in a metal tin, with 12 pans of eyeshadows (with the exception of the highlight palette, more on that later). The palette is very reminiscent of the Urban Decay Naked Palettes, if you are familiar with them, but they are a little lighter in weight. There are two pegs on either side of the mirror, which click into the bottom half of the eyeshadow tin. Great for ensuring that your palette doesn’t open up in your travel bag, but can be tricky to get them lined up sometimes, so be careful!

Each palette also comes with a dual end sponge applicator and a dual ended synthetic hair brush. I prefer using my own brushes 🙂 I also just want to say there are TONNES more BYS Cosmetics palettes than the ones I’m showing here, so if you are after a dupe of a high end palette but want to see if you like the colour scheme before shelling out, or if you are on a budget and can’t afford every high end release, check these out!

Now, onto the actual eyeshadows. Beginning with probably the most hyped up (and my personal favourite) palette – Berries Eyeshadow Tin 12 Piece (RRP $19.99). This palette contains a mixture of metallic and matte eyeshadows, ranging from soft peachy colours, to rusty red browns and some purple tones colours. It’s well documented in the beauty blogging world that this palette is a pretty close dupe to Anastasia Beverley Hills Modern Renaissance Palette (RRP $75.00). So if you aren’t sure you’ll like the colours, or if you’re on a budget, then this palette is a pretty great steal! I did find a few of the tones sub par (mainly the paler colours) but I feel as though those shadows are a dime a dozen in most people’s collections. The darker and warmer tones were quite nice in this palette.

Peachy // Radiance // Glow // Toffee // Sundown // Majestic // Royalty // Cherry Bomb // Juliet // Berry Haze // Antique // Shaded

Next, the Nude2 Eyeshadow Tin (RRP $19.99) is clearly a shout out to Urban Decay Naked 2 (RRP $83.00). Trivia note, I actually had the Naked 2 Palette as my first high end palette purchase back in the day, I used it up :O. So it’s nice to revisit some similar tones. These shades are mostly cool tones, ranging from browns, taupes, creams and some darker purple shades. Again, this has a mix of metallic, shimmer and matte shades. I found most of the tones quite good, though the black and one of the paler colours were quite chalky and unworkable.

Morning // Guestlist // Selfie // Flirt // VIP //Photo-op // Shots // Smoke Machine // D Floor // Pickup // Heels Off // Midnight

The Matte Eyeyshadow Tin (RRP $19.99) reminds me of a larger version of the Urban Decay Naked Basics & Basics 2 Palettes (both RRP $47.00) and basically consists of a mixture of warm and cool tone neutral colours in all matte finishes. I have to be completely honest here – this is not my favourite palette. I found the shadows quite chalky and didn’t blend well. Some of these colours I couldn’t even get visibly on my skin. I recommend shelling out a little extra if you are after some great matte eyeshadow colours.

Pure // Fusion // Spirit // Caramel // Taupe // Dreamer// Fearless // Wanderer // Chocolate // Espresso // Intruige // Soot

The last eyeshadow palette I have to share with you is arguably the best of the bunch, at least in my opinion. The Metals Eyeshadow Tin (RRP $19.99) has 12 amazing metallic shades, and they are all super pigmented. BYS really nailed the formula for this palette! With an awesome range of shades to boot, this one is a definite must try.

Platinium // Pewter // Rose Gold // Iron // Bronze // Copper// Rhodium // Palladium // Brass // Silver // Titanium // Steel

Lastly, and the newest by BYS Cosmetics is the Highlight Palette (RRP $19.99) and I am very impressed. These highlight colours are very reminiscent of many others on the market currently, so it might seem a bit late to the party. However, the pigmentation of these colours are pretty great, and for this price it’s definitely worth picking up. If you have a literal tonne of other similar palettes, maybe not. But if you are also late to the party for highlighting, or new to makeup, definitely check it out.

Glam // Glisten // Gleam // Golden // Glimmer

Have you tried any of these palettes? What were your thoughts?

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