Bullet Journal – Getting Started

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What the heck is a Bujo?

A “Bujo”or Bullet Journal is a system of analogue planning in a digital age, started by Ryder Carroll. It began as a quick and efficient way to stay on top of tasks and plan for the future. While the essence of the Bullet Journal remains, it has expanded into so much more.

It can be anything you want and need it to be. From future planning, habit tracking, recording memories or even just a bunch of lists. You can be as creative or as efficient as you like.

What do I need?

Not much at all. And a lot of this you probably have most of this at home. The bare minimum that you desperately need for a bullet journal is a notepad and pen. However, I really started to enjoy the creative side of bullet journalling after I invested in a few of these extras.

  • Notebook
  • Black Pen
  • Coloured Pens
  • Lead Pencil
  • Coloured Pencils
  • Ruler
  • Rubber

But how do I get started?

It’s easiest to just begin. It’s not going to be perfect, and as you use your journal more and find the style you like, it will become more your own. I found myself with stage fright right at the beginning. A giant blank white page staring back at you can be surprisingly daunting. Especially when faced with the seemingly perfect spreads you see on Pinterest. Rest assured, everybody started somewhere.

I found the best way to combat this was to use sticky notes as page markers to map out the first few pages I had planned. Armed with a lead pencil, sketching out what I was planning was also less daunting. The basics of any bullet journal (though really, in my book, there are no rules!) are the following pages:

Index – this will make it easier to find that cute af Pokedex register you’ve been slaving over

Page numbers – without these the index is pretty much useless

Future Log – more like a “Year at a Glance” type index. Great for those big events like weddings or cheat days

Key – Like a code for your tasks and events. I made a similar one in my high school planner that had to do with boys. *eye roll*

Monthly Log – It can be any format you like, but I prefer the traditional calendar style

Daily Log or “Dailies”– your day by day planning.

You can of course, add, chop or change this to however you like the order. And always remember, your first Bujo won’t be your last, so don’t get too discouraged if you don’t like something. You can remember for next time!

While I am still a beginner myself, I hope this post was somewhat useful, and inspires you to get started!

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