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I’ve used GHD products before (not just their amazing straighteners) in the form of the GHD Heat Protectant Spray (RRP $24.00) which made my 2013 Hair Favourites. As such, I’ve got pretty high hopes for this product. Right off the bat, it smells amazing (as did the heat protectant). It’s got that amazing salon quality scent that a lot of higher end hair products have. I just love it!

This product works with heat activation, so with towel dried clean hair (not conditioned!) you blow dry hair thoroughly and then straighten your hair to seal in the product. First off, I love how you are treating your split ends while you are styling your hair. Two birds one stone! It comes in the form of a lightweight cream that you massage into your hair, especially at the ends where damage normally occurs. After sealing in the product with your straightener, the product claims to keep split ends at bay for up to ten washes!

Obviously, this is purely a cosmetic procedure, and won’t ‘fix’ your split ends. It will however, mask them efficiently and stop the damage travelling further up the hair shaft. It makes your hairstyle look more polished and extends the time before you really need to make a trip to your hair dresser for a trim!

Overall, I am really happy with this product. It smells great, makes your hair look healthier and as someone with bleached hair, you can be certain that it will be well used! After my initial uses of this I am super happy!

Do you have issues with split ends?

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