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Here are my top 5 ways to help use your Sunday effectively to be more productive.

Plan for the week

Seems obvious, but writing down your deadlines and appointments for the week ahead really sets a focus for what’s coming up. I like to sit down with my Bullet Journal and suss out my daily spreads and look over/add in anything that is needed.

Meal Prep

Since I’ve begun meal prepping more regularly, it makes my week so much easier. I don’t just stop at the obvious either (breakfast, lunch and dinner). I count out my snacks for the week, prepackaging and storing in the cupboard or the fridge. Lately I’ve been snacking on portions of roasted almonds and edamame pods. Both of these snacks keep my full and satisfied between meals, and give that crunch requirement at 3pm. If you’re interested in having a look at my Meal Plan, stay tuned! I will be releasing my low carb vegan meal plan soon!


Again – seems obvious. But doing the little things like changing your sheets, generally tidying your room or house, and ensuring that you’ve got enough clean knickers for a week can really set your mind at ease. My favourite thing on Sunday night is slipping into new, cosy sheets to enjoy for the week ahead.

Read your Favourite Blogs

Something I enjoy on a Sunday is sitting down on the couch and enjoying a few of my favourite bloggers posts and catching up. There’s nothing like saving up a week of good content to devour on a Sunday afternoon, tea or coffee in hand. And maybe a cheeky (vegan) bickie.

Pamper Session

Another Sunday favourite of mine is a mini-pamper session. A nice long bath (glass of Sav optional) with a lush bath bomb, followed by washing hair, shaving, all that stuff that I can’t be bothered to do on a weekday. Then hop out, moisturise, paint your nails and kick back with a book or podcast. It’s very therapeutic for me to take some me time on Sunday, and enjoy some much needed TLC.

How do you spend your Sundays?

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