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Get Up Early

The morning is one of my most productive times of the day! Getting up early is a great way to achieve your goals and ensure that you’ve got your day under your control. I also find my most productive time of the day is around 10am, so being awake and working for a while is the best way to make use of this time slot.

Get Dressed

Even if you are staying home all day, try not to laze around in your PJs. This kills my productivity instantly, as my brain thinks “you are so close to napping”, and like it or not, getting dressed means letting go of sleep time and moving into work mode. I love doing My Ideal Morning Routine, but if I slept in a little or weather doesn’t permit, it’s just shower, skin care, breakfast and then straight into work mode.

Take Scheduled Breaks

Making sure you take time to turn off from social media, take your eyes off your laptop and just relax is crucial. I am still working on this one, I always am creeping back onto my phone without realising it! It’s also good to have a cup of tea, freshen up and just sit back and relax for five minutes. It can be almost impossible to do this when you are strapped for time, but taking even a two minute break can improve your efficiency and reset your brain.

Schedule Time for your Emails

This is a trick I picked up from years of working in an accounting office. Try to not check your email constantly, and schedule time to clear out spam, flag emails as needed, reply to any urgent ones and then return to work. You should realistically be only checking your email maybe four times a day, as constantly checking back can really eat into your productive time. By setting an alarm 10 minutes before a scheduled break, you can focus on your task at hand and not have to keep flicking back to your mailbox tab.

To Do List

The most obvious and probably the most useful tool you have when boosting your productivity is to write a To Do List. This a sure fire way to get me motivated and crossing off those tasks. I try to be less vague and more specific when working on a To Do List. For example, writing “work on blog” isn’t very specific. But saying “write post on about new foundation” is. This also works for breaking up jobs into big chunks and doing everything specific to that at once. Like photographing three or four blog posts at once, commenting on other blogs for a certain amount of time, etc.

As a special gift for Minted Blog readers, we’ve designed a free printable To Do List to help you get motivated and make crossing off those important things a little more bearable!

What are your best productivity tips?

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