5 FREE Travel Apps That You Need – More Minted

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One of the first and most important apps to use in the process of travelling (for me) is Trip Advisor. This app can tell you what to see in which country and city you want to visit, help you budget for your trip, give advice on where to stay and honest reviews from other travellers!

When budgeting for your trip (or to update yourself before leaving), it’s always a good idea to get the feel for the currency you will be exchanging to. I am currently in Eastern Europe, and have switched between currencies five times already! It can get confusing pretty quickly. XE Currency is the most useful I’ve found, with up to date conversions and a simple but effective interface.

You’ve arrived at your destination and everything is written in another language! Google Translate to the rescue! This can easily help you navigate your way around and it’s also super useful when you need help from someone and they don’t speak English (especially when you’re sick and need over the counter medication!).

You’ve arrived, settled in and you’re enjoying your trip. To get around the town and make your own walking tour, Triposo is the app you need. You can easily click and find things to see in each city and it works offline to give you directions to each spot of interest.

Finally, if you really love the culture of a city, why not learn a little of the language? I always find it polite to learn at least “Hello”, “Thank You” and “Goodbye” at the very least. Even if the person you are speaking to is fluent in English, you are a guest in their country and it’s nice to show your respect to the language. Duolingo has a number of languages available to learn and will teach you simple phrases very easily.

What is your holy grail Travel App?